2012.07 BBQ at Cochituate State Park

On July 29, 2012, a fun summer BBQ outing took place at Cochituate State Park which was jointly organized by Boston Nankai Alumni Association and SJTU Alumni Association of Greater Boston Area. Though the BBQ was scheduled on Saturday at first, due to the change of weather, later it was settled on Sunday, rain or shine. Obviously, a BBQ party next to the beach, hanging out in the woods, have great attraction for people. More than forty people of all ages came to the event. Read more

思源论坛02期 Panel Discussion – Job Search, Start-up, and MBA Application

Cambridge, MA –Second Siyuan Forum event was successfully held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by SJTU alumni association of greater Boston area on May 20th, 2012.

第二期活动是以panel discussion的形式举行,可谓是牛人如云。上海交通大学波士顿校友会邀请了来自上海交大,北京大学,加州大学伯克利分校, 浙江大学和哈尔冰工业大学的校友,他(她)们现在都在波士顿地区工作和学习,与在场的朋友们分享了他们的工作,生活体验。 Read more

2012.05 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Night

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Night @MIT – Meeting with the delegation from Shanghai

Meet and Communicate with Shanghai Entrepreneurs + Local Professionals and Scholars in Massachusetts
On Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to join us!
Meet and share the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of globalization with Entrepreneurs Delegation from Shanghai industries of Software, Internet, Investment, Culture and Digitized Agriculture and professionals and scholars from Massachusetts. (Reception dinner will be served.)来自上海的青年创业家访问团一行15人,涵盖软件、互联网、投资、文化、农业信息化等行业,于5月17日与哈佛、MIT两校学生、学者以及波士顿地区产业同行和学者欢聚,分享全球化环境中的企业创新与创业经验,欢迎参加!(将提供晚点) Read more

思源论坛01期 Kick-off Event



Read more

2012 交通大学校友会、哈佛MIT中国创新论坛联合举办龙年聚会

交大校友元宵聚會 探讨电子商务创业
交大校友元宵聚會 探討電子商務創業
   时间:2012-02-27 11:42:11  来源: 僑報周末特約記者李強波士頓圖文報道  【发表评论 (0)】
波士頓交通大學(上海、西安、新竹、北京、西南)校友會和哈佛、MIT中國創新論壇于2月11日中午在MIT東門(Eastgate)宿舍樓頂樓的活動室聯合舉辦了龍年新春聯誼聚會曁創新創業論壇。30多位上海、西安和北京交大的校友,以及北大、清華和華中科大校友會代表一同包餃子、吃元宵,共同度過一個熱熱鬧鬧的元宵節。雖然當天早上下起小雪,交大校友會會長陳奮、MIT機械系博士生鄭海寧等多名義工提前來到聚會地點,大家一起和了五磅麵,準備了素菜和瘦肉的兩種餃子餡。校友們陸續到來之後,大家圍在一起包餃子、聊天。就連一些不會包餃子的人,也在陳奮的指點之下,很快學會了“5步1”包餃子法,包出漂亮的餃子。 Read more

2011.12 交通大学新英格兰地区校友会冬季午餐聚会

Jiao Tong Universities Alumni Association of New England (JTUAA-NE) is

organizing a Winter Holiday Gathering  at noon on Dec 17, 2011

Please join us to celebrate the winter holiday season, meet old
friends, and get to know more fellow JTU alumni in the New England
area!  Please feel free to bring your family or significant others and
friends to the celebration. Please also help us spread the words to
other JTU alumni you know. In order to better plan and organize this
event and we will need an accurate head count for the restaurant ahead
of time. Please fill the following pre-registration form and thank you
very much for your cooperation. Read more

2011 Fall Gathering Summary & Future Plan

Hi JTUers,

We had a very successful gathering today. Thank you very much for those who come, and especially, Michael’s organizing, and hope to see more and more JTUers in our future events.  We had very diversified attendees today, such as professor from JTU,working professionals in semi-conductor industry and bio-tech, consultants, MBAs from Sloan and Bridgewater State U, MFIN from BU and engineering students from MIT and Northeastern U. We had animated discussions about life around Boston, study at school, job and MBA application, working experience, and future plan for our JTU New England Area.

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